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Living on Pratt St
has its perks

A brick-lined street in the center of downtown Hartford, Pratt Street is historic, picturesque and a destination for all who visit the downtown area. This bicycle and pedestrian-only thoroughfare is home to many restaurants, bars, and shops that capture the essence of Hartford’s vibrant culture.

Things to do
on pratt st

Pratt Street Living apartments will let you fully experience all that this street has to offer: from a diverse selection of restaurants and bars to unique and eclectic shops, explore the street below.


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Pratt St is host to over 100 events every year. From salsa dancing and yoga classes to live music and interactive workshops, there’s always something to see and do on Pratt Street.

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What's happening on pratt?

People walking around the annual summer fest on Pratt Street

Pratt Street is the host to 100+ events throughout the year. From pre-games before Hartford sports games to themed events with dancing & a live DJ, there’s always something happening on the street. A perk of living right around the corner? You’ll always get in on the fun!

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